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1. Purchasing Service:
1) Accompany client to market to search and purchase goods according to client's requirements, in Guangzhou or other market/area of China, such as Yiwu. Our staff will go to market or factory with client to visit suppliers or manufacturers one by one.
2) Negotiate price and place order with supplier or manufacturer on behalf of client. Client may negotiate with the supplier or manufacturer directly about price, and we will write down all the detailed information of price, item number, packing details, delivery time, etc.
3) Follow production schedule.
4) Inspection and quality control.

2. Export Service:
We can prepare for you all export documents concerned, arrange all necessary procedures for export, and send final documents to client for import customs clearance.

3. Shipping Service:
According to client's request, we book shipping space and arrange shipment.

4. Translation and Interpretation Service:
Language: Chinese, English and so on.

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